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The best Acupuncture in Duluth, GA. Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body to treat musculo-skeletal pain.


As the best chiropractic in Duluth,

if chiropractic sounds promising, we encourage you to have a firsthand experience in our YES Chiropractic Clinic practice. It’s easy to get started.


Dr. Joseph J. Kim is an experienced dentist who offers a variety of services such as general dentistry, dental implants, dental surgery, orthodontics, and more. To learn more about the dental services at YES CLINIC, click on image below. 


After being rear-ended in my tiny sports car by a huge 18 wheeler, I suffered from stiffness, pain, numbness, lack of mobility -you name it.  I initially tried just chiropractic treatment which helped to a degree but the stiffness and pain was still persistent.  Then I got an epidural in my neck, which seemed to make things worse instead of better.  When I asked my attorney if she thought that acupuncture would be an option, she IMMEDIATELY recommended Dr. Kim.  After just the first visit, which also included a massage,  I could tell a difference in my mobility.  More importantly, the improvement lasted and each visit increased my flexibility and lessened my stiffness and pain.  I went twice a week for almost 3 months which, considering the type of work I do, would normally have been very difficult, however, Dr. Kim and her staff were very flexible with my appointment times. Although I have been discharged from my accident, I plan to continue my treatments as often as possible, since acupuncture is beneficial for more than just pain and stiffness.  If you have hesitated in the past, definitely give it a try, but with a trusted professional - Dr. Kim.  You too will be a fan!

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