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#1 - Call 911 to report the collision

Georgia law requires that you report an accident right away and so do many insurance policies. Reporting the accident is important so the police can come to the scene, investigate the cause of the collision and write an accident report. It is difficult to later settle a case with no police report. 

#2 - Take Pictures. 

Take pictures of your property damage to your car and take pictures of the injuries you suffered, such as bruises, cuts, scrapes, scars, bleeding, swelling and the like. A picture can say the same thing as 1,000 words and sometimes more. 

#3 - See a Doctor. 

It is best to seek medical attention quickly, even if you are not sure that you need it. You may be in shock after the accident and not notice your own injuries. Also, some injuries will not be felt fully until several days after the accident. Do not try to be tough. Staying home and suffering in pain only hurts your case. Even if you do not have health insurance, we know many doctors who will provide you with the medical treatment you need on a lien basis. Call now Yes Acupuncture & Chiropractic at (770) 497-0882

#4 - Notify your Insurance Company. 

You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Many insurance policies require prompt notice of the accident to the insurance company so they can investigate. The failure to promptly report the accident may give your insurance company a reason to deny you medical coverage or uninsured motorist coverage. We help our clients report an accident to their insurance company.


#5 - Contact an Experienced Accident Lawyer. 

You should seek legal advice immediately from an experienced lawyer. The insurance company has been working since the day of the crash and the insurance company is not working to help you. They are trying to minimize their insured’s negligence and to deny you the money you deserve in order to compensate you for the harms and losses you’ve suffered in the crash. Ask us to refer a great attorney


Top Auto Accident Mistakes



Even a minor accident can affect your back and muscles adversely. Very often after a minor accident, the symptoms don’t appear for days or even weeks. For this reason some people skip seeing any physician. This can result in physical situations being overlooked until they really flare up, at which point (a) it may take longer to treat them and (b) they are no longer covered by the accident insurance.





Your accident insurance entitles you to any physical treatment you need as a result of the accident. This includes immediate life threatening medical treatment as well as any chiropractic, physical therapy, and other rehabilitation treatments you may need.

Accident (Auto Accident and Work Injury) Treatment

After suffering from an accident or injury there are times when the injured area does not promptly recover its full range of motion or strength. Injury rehabilitation treatment speeds up recovering to a normal condition.

At Kim’s Acupuncture and Chiropractic, we have state of the art equipment and staff to implement a personalized rehabilitation program to accommodate many types of injuries and conditions.


Auto Accident Injury

We know how hard auto accidents can be both physically, mentally and financially.

If you or a family member has been in a car accident we provide chiropractic, acupuncture and physical therapies. We will also work with your insurance company to arrange the financial means to get you well.


What happens if you get in a car accident?

Both minor and major car accidents produce a whipping action of the neck damaging the surrounding soft tissue structures (muscles and ligaments). Abnormal joint function is common after whiplash trauma and can lead to a variety of disorders, including but not limited to the following:

  • Headaches

  • Muscle spasms/inflammation in the neck and/or back

  • Pinched Nerves

  • Disc degeneration and arthritic changes

  • Chronic pain syndromes

Historically, only about half of all whiplash patients could expect to achieve full recovery. Past treatments consisted of rest, immobilization and medication for pain. Unfortunately, many of these patients were told to learn to live with the pain.


Chiropractic treatment for auto accidents

Kim’s acupuncture and chiropractic can help you to recover from auto accident injuries through chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapies, therapeutic massage, and etc.


Untreated auto accident injuries can lead to chronic problems.

If left untreated, injuries from auto accidents can lead to chronic problems like headaches, neck pain, numbness and tingling, dizziness, insomnia, low back pain, sciatica and a whole host of other problems. Once chronic, these physical problems become very difficult to treat – sometimes necessitating surgery. Fortunately, there is a solution – safe, natural chiropractic care.


Chiropractic care for auto accident injuries

Chiropractic care and physiotherapy can help prevent acute inflammation from spreading unimpeded throughout the injured area and wreaking havoc on your body and your life. They also help to keep the joints mobile by removing subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae or bones of the spine) caused by the auto accident. In this way, chiropractic care not only helps the body to heal itself from its injuries but also prevents the injuries from becoming chronic and long-lasting.


Care for Neck and Lower Back Pain

Back pain is the most frequent cause of activity limitation in people under 45 years of age. Yet back pain and neck pain have an exact cause that can be remedied with treatment.

Whenever muscles or ligaments are overexerted, strained or sprained swelling and pain can result.

There may be no immediate injury – pain may come on from simply bending over to pick up something light. Low back and neck pain may result from:

  • Overexertion of unconditioned muscles

  • Tension

  • Stress on an unbalanced or misaligned spine or pelvis

  • Arthritic changes

  • Postural strain

  • Unlevelled pelvic bone

  • Trauma or strain due to pregnancy

  • Unhealthy spinal discs

  • Straight neck (hypolordosis)

  • Scoliosis

  • Overweight

  • Falls


Chiropractic Treatment for Back and Neck Pain

Back and neck pain can come from injuries, misaligned spine as well as other causes. Our treatment is designed to solve your exact condition; our expert chiropractor will use any combination of spinal manipulation, manual techniques, and therapy.

Spinal manipulation (also known as chiropractic adjustments) is a safe approach to treating neck pain.

We may also include massage therapy to treat injured muscles or ligaments.


Chiropractic Care for Pain If You Were in a Car Accident

Neck and/or back pain can often result from a car accident. Whether you were in one that was just a “fender bender” or a driver slammed into you at a red light, the soft tissues around your spine can suffer considerable damage. Also, if vertebrae in your spine become misaligned, it can interfere with your nervous system and cause pain in more areas than just your neck or back.


Often times when individuals experience pain due to a car accident they go to the hospital right after the accident to be evaluated. The majority of the time the treatments provided by the hospital, including pain killers and muscle relaxers, only temporarily reduce or relieve pain. They do not correct the root problem causing the pain and thus don’t get you back on the path of healthy, pain free living.


Visiting our clinic to have your spine evaluated is the best choice when suffering back or neck pain from an accident. As a chiropractor, my job is to evaluate your spine to make sure everything is properly aligned and functioning as intended. If there is damage or misalignment, I have experience in therapies and rehab that will correct the problem and not just cover it up like pain killers do. I, being a licensed acupuncturist, combine acupuncture treatment. This is the best way to make sure that you won’t suffer future neck and back pain or other unknown problems that can arise.

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